We are a technology startup focused on delivering world class software to our customers and to the public.

What we do

We are passionate about developing solutions from its inception. We manage the development lifecycle with a customer first approach.

FinTech, security and IOT are our main areas of expertise and what we love to do. But, we have experience within other sectors and we are always open to new and disruptive ideas.

Business Strategy

We do a Use-case analysis based on the needed requirements and project tracking / follow-up.


We are experts development Native Android & iOS applications.

Idea Development

We can turn your idea into a reality, findind new needs or improving the existing soutions.

UX Research

After a Use-case analysis and Mockups design following the Agile software development patterns we deliver User-Friendly UX design based on the user experience.


Branding is the process to build a brand / image / experience that will have an impact on the users.

Web identity

We offer a better experience to the users / clients, in a more attractive way and adapted to the corporate identity.

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

En un entorno en cambio constante aparecen nuevas necesidades cada vez de manera más continuada y nos retan a buscar una solución.

La tecnología es uno de nuestros mayores aliados, ya que nos aporta las herramientas necesarias para cubrir la demanda que se va generando. Solo es necesario usarlas aplicando un poco de creatividad.

Why we are different

Como agentes de cambio, nuestro propósito es proporcionar a los proyectos la oportunidad de volver a imaginar y reinventar su mundo digital. Creamos y reconstruimos las conexiones con los clientes, inventamos y desarrollamos nuevas plataformas digitales y, lo que es más importante, aumentamos el rendimiento empresarial.

La transformación digital impulsa todo lo que hacemos. Cada estrategia y solución que desarrollamos se basa en un cambio positivo, tanto en cómo operan las empresas como en la forma en que interactúan con sus clientes.

Our Skills

The team at e22Studio understands how vital your projects and change initiatives are, and how important it is to commit the best skills and talent to your most challenging priorities.

New business models, smart data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, blockchain, virtual, mixed and augmented reality.

Software development, robotic process automation, qualification & testing, cloud adoption, DevOps, cyber security, service center.

Product design, UX, UI, design thinking, design projects, graphic facilitation, motion design, visual identity.

and much more..


  • Branding – 90%
  • UX Research – 77%
  • Interface Design – 85%
  • Java EE applications

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